25 Anticipated Films of 2015

This list may be coming late, but after the awful cinematic experience I had with some movies last year, I’m not wasting any more of my time to see poor films. This list is strictly for films that I know I will like (85%).

Most should make a considerable amount at the box office, with a potential billion dollar movie in the mix (Age of Ultron?). With comic adaptations leading the front for box office winners, I will see any film they make, heck, if Marvel made Banana Man, I’ll watch it! As for DC, I’m still on the bench (because I’m yet to forgive them for Green Lantern). This list was chosen based on the cast and the reputation of the directors, because an excellent story not properly executed is not worth my precious time.

Truth be told, I may not see all film on the list this year, but they are top priority when I go to the cinema/theatre.

Ex Machina (Jan. 23)
Ex Machina (Jan. 23)
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