Crossroads (Part 2)


You look at the toll booth, wondering what is so special about the road.

Like the previous crossroad, you park the car at the side of the road and come out to take a good look at this ‘exclusive’ road that requires a toll for entrance.

What you see is a huge shocker.

You cannot comprehend (understand) why anyone would pay for ‘this’ road.

A car approaches. It slows down and seems to pay a toll. You see an exchange of hands. The barrier is lifted and the car drives in. It is at this point that you see the road for itself because the car that just drove in had to put on its headlamps and the brake lights were on too.

The car slowly proceeds into this ‘special’ road. You are trying to take a peek to see what must have distinguished it.

You look up to see why it seems so dark. The clouds are thick and heavy with rain. You can hear thunderclaps in the distance. You see lightning flashes in the grey clouds, and they do not illuminate the road in any way. It is gloomy.

You come to a conclusion that there must be pot holes on this ‘special’ road because the car that went in a few minutes ago does not seem to be driving straight, rather it looks seems like there are slopes based on the car’s movements. And it does not seem like it is going at a fast pace at all. You settle on this theory when you notice how often the brake lights keep coming on.


You look puzzled.

“Why on earth would anyone choose to drive on this horrendous path, and go as far as paying for it.” You say to yourself.

It makes no sense.

Your newest discovery startles you further. There are no trees on this road. Rather, giant thorny bushes. The spikes are huge, and any contact with your car would certainly ruin it. The road too is not wide, measuring at 12 feet (or 3.65 meters) (give or take). You conclude again that there would definitely be scratches on your car.

This road is definitely not worth it. “It would be crazy to drive through this free, not to think of paying a toll.” You think out loud.

You get back into your car, neglecting the faint ray of light, which is visible over the grey clouds in what seems like a great distance away from your current location.

You seek an alternative. It has been there the entire time. There’s a sign to your right, bigger than any you have seen so far. It says TOLL-FREEE AHEAD.’ You start the car and make a right turn.

This road starts begins on a narrow path. You increase speed, despite the slight discomfort of the unevenness of the road, attempting to get as far away from the horrendous ‘road’ you just saw. Suddenly, you notice up ahead, this new expands into three lanes. You increase speed by a considerable margin. The drive feels good again.

Then, a car starts flashing its headlamps in distance, driving in the opposite direction, back to where you were


coming from. You remember a smaller sign next to the ‘TOLL-FREE’ sign which you saw earlier. It read ‘One Way.’ You look at the road ahead and the road markings (those arrows drawn on the actual road), they all point in the direction you are going, on all three lanes.

This guy with his headlamps on is definitely breaking the rules. ‘Not cool!’ You think to yourself.

You are in the middle lane, and the car is approaching on the lane to your left (cars in this case are right-hand traffic). Then you can see the driver waving and speaking, he looks terrified, but the wind drowns out his voice.

You are puzzled.

He drives past you.

You look in the rear view mirror, and you see him still waving you to turn around, slowing down a bit, as you see his brake lights on.

‘Is he crazy?’ You say out loud. You further increase speed.

Shortly after, you see a few other cars.

The road, again, expands to seven lanes. Awesome!

Where has a road like this been the entire time?

And a surprise still awaits you up ahead. A big one.

Then ‘seven-laned’ road leads to a bigger, grander, greater, more beautiful highway with … two hundred lanes!

You can’t believe your eyes. You only know its two hundred because another sign says so, and you cannot even see beyond a few ten lanes.

The highways are more cars. Lots of cars. Different types, different brands, and different colours. There are no traffic signs. No bumps. No pot holes. No bad weather. No spikes or thorny bushes. No toll booths.

Instead, there are roses in between the lanes. There are stops where you can change your tyres free. There are filling stations, and the fuel is free too! The signs on this highway are too good to be true.

After driving for a couple of minutes at top speed, you hear music. Bells ringing. People singing, like a choir. You are amazed. You can see something shining in the distance.

You can’t seem to make out what it is.

Other cars begin to slow down. You do the same too.

You try to make out what may be causing others to slow down … then you see a shape. The reflection from whatever this is is making it difficult for you to see it.

To your left and right, there are more cars. The people here are filled with joy. Smiles all over their faces. Like you they are in awe of this brightness. It seems unbelievable.

There are now glimpses of other signs. These ones are made of gold. The text on them sparkle like diamonds. They are difficult to read, but beautiful to look at.

As you move a bit closer, the signs become readable. They say:


‘1000 LANES’



And on top, is an arch which is golden, and engraved on it are the texts: The Great Highway.

It is beautiful.

There are roars (shouts of joy) as cars approach the entrance.


The weather is perfect. The sun is up in the sky, there are no storms, no thorns, no pot holes.

It is perfect.

Over the arch, a great distance away is a dark cloud with lightning and thunder, but it is so far away that a great many will never notice it.



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