Crossroads (Part 1)


You are in a car, a drop top (or convertible), or an SUV, or a limousine, one of those speed demons (like the Lykan Hypersport that was wrecked in Fast and Furious 7) or a Prius … whichever one you want, go for it.

You are driving along the countryside, the weather is relatively pleasant, a bit cloudy with the sun peeking out once in a while. The road is in pristine condition, and you can drive without a care for pot holes … although you have to slow down for bends. It’s not an isolated road, as you have seen a few cars pass by in the time you have been driving. The terrain is hilly, so you can see other curly roads downhill. There are also cars driving on these roads. After driving for a while (perhaps an hour), the road is split into two separate roads (to the left and right). You are now at a crossroad.

Confused and curious. You park the car by the side of the road. You walk down the road to the left, it looks gloomy, but you can’t really make up your mind about it. It is also quite smaller, but you are interested in the way the road is set up, and not a lot of cars are passing through. It’s all good, you are interested and don’t even take a look at the other road.

You go back into your car and take the left turn.

You go in.


The road seems nice. Its ‘gloominess’ finally makes sense; the trees on both sides of the road have created a shade over the road. It looks like a leafy tunnel. The atmosphere here is very cool, which causes you to roll down the windows and breathe in fresh air.

Your gamble has paid off. It has been a good drive so far, near perfect.

Then … a sign to the left in yellow. You don’t see it because of the speed you were maintaining. A few yards later (or a second or two later cause of the speed) another sign. You only make out the words ‘WARNING’. This causes you to slow down. Another sign, and this time it clearly reads – ‘WARNING – BUMPS AHEAD’. This causes you to significantly reduce your speed because you can’t see any bumps just yet.

Then, by chance (or whatever you call it) you see another car’s brake lights in the distance. This is the first car you have seen on this road.

It clicks.

“The bumps must be ahead.” You think out loud.

You also notice that the number of trees has reduced significantly, letting in some sunlight. The road no longer feels cool. There’s a bit of heat, and the glare off the hood (or bonnet) has made things a bit uncomfortable. You put on your sun shades, it helps a bit.

Then, the bumps.

These are weird bumps because they are closely placed. You feel like whoever put them there does not know a thing abut cars. These bumps are ten in total, which seems unnecessary. “Four of them would achieve the desired results” – You think out loud.

You drive through the bumps. It seems a bit weird that they were there, because there is nothing to signify the need for their placement at that portion of the road.

You are free once again. You increase speed, and the drive is becoming cool again.


Another sign.


“Again?” You are shocked.

This time, you don’t see a car’s brake light; rather you see a huge bump on the road. It is higher than normal bumps. You slow down, almost coming to a stop. You gently climb the bump, to not ruin your car. Descending from the bump, in front of you is another crossroad.

These are not regular roads though.

In front, a little to the left is a solitary toll booth, and the right, a sign that reads ‘TOLL-FREE’.



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