Payback for Pain (A Short Story)



What happens when you assault a woman of God? When you push her to the edge. When she goes to God in tears, begging Him to change you. She pleads with Him day and night, praying and hoping that the evidence of change will be seen the next morning or evening. And when there’s still nothing, when you harden your heart towards His warnings and cautions; He strikes. And He strikes hard. He doesn’t do it because He hates you or that he’s fed up; He does it because the tears of the righteous are too much for Him to bear. He can’t stand their sorrow, even when it’s to toughen them up (you know, the whole testing your faith scenario – see James 1 v. 3, 1 Peter 1 v. 7); it hurts Him to see them in pain. The thing (among others) that keeps Him going is His unquantifiable love for them (and all of humanity).

Janice was such a woman. She met her husband Ferdinand via an internet dating site and left her home country of Czech Republic, to be with him. The first six months were like heaven for her, he bathed her in tremendous love and gave her his unfailing attention. Life was perfect.

Then, Jax came along, and things didn’t immediately unravel, but there was steady descent in their marriage. First the intimacy waned, she thought it was to be expected since she was carrying his child. He started missing doctor’s appointments, then he stopped coaching her (for her English lessons), and he stopped kissing her. Janice knew there was a problem, and the perfect solution came along, she found Jesus.

Janice a sweet lady, in her late 20s, didn’t seem to have an issue with Christianity, in fact the transition was quite easy for her. It didn’t affect her work, nor her personality (except the praying), rather it made her more delightful to be around and she gradually became more understanding. Christianity transformed a sweet and caring lady into a sweeter, more caring and lovely woman. Things got better all around her, except her home. It felt like her marriage was sucking out the ‘goodness’ from her.



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