Random Image (The Vision)

Since last October, the movie universe has been expectant of the sequel to the 2012 highly successful and super awesome all-star superhero blockbuster (Marvel’s The Avengers), The Avengers: Age of Ultron; and there have been trailers hinting so much awesomeness, from the long awaited Hulk v. Iron Man battle, James Spader’s voicing Ultron, the Captain’s smashed shield, the twins, Andy Serkis and the Civil War hint.

the vision

FYI: Paul Bettany is The Vision


But, something cool happened last night, there was a big reveal, The Vision came online. While not trying to give any spoilers away, all that can be said for now is that The Vision is an android who was formerly on team Ultron before going rogue and becoming an avenger.




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