Study Sessions with Ace


My best friend, Ace, and I have been combing carefully through the bible for a while now. We spent the past few months studying a chapter a day, but we recently slowed things down to better understand the scriptures, and it has greatly helped us. Our minds have been on a transformation train since last year, as we have sifted between the lines of His word. This practice has also fed our spirits.

We have stumbled upon awesome texts, and some simple-yet-complicated commands (read Matthew 5 v 44). We use different translations for better understanding, as I struggle with King James Version’s Shakespearean grammar. Ace is a fan of Holman Christian Standard Bible, which I had not heard of, and I am a Good News Bible faithful.

We have had some disagreements over phrases and their structural meanings. One on Matthew 5 v 3 comes to mind, where we both lost the plot, but thank God … we learnt our lesson on that one.

Ace has noted a displeasure in how I mark and scribble in my ‘beloved’ Good News Bible, which is unfortunately aging. I believe that I am not alone in this regard because I do love to have the text, ‘Word’, and revelations to be in the same place. Besides, it is a lot easier for travel purposed as they are all in the same place … which is awesome! I tend to forget my notepads a lot.

We have been recently Matthew recently, learning how Jesus wants us to live, and how this separates us from the rest of the world … transforming us into figurative aliens. If you don’t agree, I urge to practice Christ’s teachings in the first chapters of Matthew every day, everywhere, all the time for a month.

I can guarantee (100%) that people around you would make certain comments about the change in your behaviour … however, the nature of these comments could be relative depending on the observer. Whichever way, it is awesome to study the Word of God. It is spiritually uplifting. Mentally liberating. Intellectually challenging.

God bless you.



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