The Day God Cried


The day God cried was a sad day.

Jesus carried the cross, enduring the pain and anguish of the ones He came to save.

The angels wept.

Facing torrid torments, which brought about anguish and misery; He only kept on because it was the Father’s will.

The elders wailed.

Weak and wounded, He slowly continued to His death. For the first time ever, he felt abandoned. All alone in the void of darkness, upon His shoulders were the sins of mankind.8471045378_61815ae535_b

He asked for His Father, and for the first time, there was no answer. God, turning away His face, felt the pain of His Son. My sin prevented a Father from saving His dying Son. A son whose innocence was/is obvious. Like His Son, He endured. He felt His (Jesus) agony.

Only another knew a fraction of what God was going through, and her name was Mary, the Saviour’s mother. Tears filled her eyes.

With a final cry, He died. The mission was accomplished. God’s one Son died.

Heaven grieved.

And God cried.

Darkness befell the land, as God mourned His beloved Son.

No parent should bury their child. The thought of it is every parent’s nightmare. The feeling of losing that child (or children, in and some worse cases) is unbearable. To outlive your child is a natural anomaly, and like every parent, God experienced it too.  And He did for you and I.

This post was inspired by The Perfect Song.

I just want to say – “I’m sorry Lord for what You had to experience because of my sins. Thank You for making that ultimate sacrifice. You are my true hero.”

Thank you for reading and God bless you.



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